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Monday, November 19, 2018


By way of introduction, if the following photographs speak to your soul, this blog is 100% for you. You can expect to see beautiful pictures of nature, and follow the journey of a couple who aspires to achieve their dream of owning and operating a campground, where they can help tired souls find peace and healing. 

I'm a poet, self-published author, and writer in every sense of the word. My life's aim is to help folks who have experienced trauma on their path to healing - a path that I myself have walked for many years. As a veteran of the Navy Intelligence community, I came to face to with issues like human trafficking, religious extremism, tribal tensions, and government corruption. Nature has always been where I find serenity and peace of mind. I've fostered abused children, experienced divorce (both as a child and in adulthood), and lost too many people that I held dear. I've spent time in the Horn of Africa and Central America, joined a "secret society" /G\, and learned the art of asking questions and truly listening to the answer. I'm a father to a perfect daughter, and a man who spends more time contemplating the nature and philosophies of the world than anything else.

Amanda is a paramedic and raft guide who has seen her fair share of trauma in the world. As a first responder, she's been the first to arrive at suicide scenes, animal attacks (on children, in the worst scenarios), and domestic abuse situations. She is a huge proponent of finding solace in nature, and even creates natural remedies for ailments both physical and emotional. Amanda is a sucker for animals of any kind, and will shamelessly approach even the roughest looking of strangers for the chance to pet their puppers. Best of all, she's my partner in crime, as long as I can keep up with her pace on the trail. 

You can purchase products associated with my writing and Amanda's essential oils and remedies in our store, The Tinker's Wagon. You can also sign up to receive email updates of our posts. The blog will feature our photographs, music, and art, and will appeal to like minded seekers who are on their own path to self-betterment.

We're always open to learning from like-minded individuals. Don't be scared to Contact us!       

If you like what you read/see, it really is encouraging to receive a small comment or message as feedback, and please feel free to share with your fellow seeker-friends. <3 

-The Bard

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