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Monday, November 26, 2018

Ennui: A poem, an explanation, and a Christmas stocking stuffer!


When sad eyes greeting
Upon first meeting
For a moment, feeding
My faintest hope

That in your mind
I should find a sign
Of a bit of depth 
Beyond surface trope

And repeat this dance
In helpless trance
For faintest chance 
A thousandth time

Until then, my unmet friend
I but hide my loneliness in rhyme

What's on the surface 
I find wholly worthless
Seeking instead the marrow within

But finding there
That blank drooling stare 
The redundant shallowness of men

But here, a spark
Halt and hark
A rare soul which stands awake

To teach and learn
Beyond words (Discerned) 
Who sees what's real 
Through all that's fake

The ability to read people through compassion and empathy has gotten me through a lot in my life. I'm terrible at surface-level relationships. I love to cut through the BS and get to matters of substance, and over time I've discovered that I can tell within only a few minutes which humans are of a similar mindset. Throughout my youth, I internally referred to the quality as "sad-eyes," and applied it mostly to the opposite gender. I thought that girls with sad eyes were more often than not the ones that could hold something of an intriguing conversation. They were most often able to relate to my languages: poetry, empathy, observation, and a real need to overcome obstacles and pain. 

As I grew older, my classification of people began to change. I started to put people into groups: either "Roman," or "Greek." Greeks viewed the world with a questioning mind, always wondering why things are the way they are, or how to best interact with the world around them. The Romans (not sad-eyed) were convinced that they had all the answers, and had no desire to learn from other environments or cultures. 

These days I know that everyone has a journey, and that we should try to connect to all people, whether because we can propel them forward in their way of thinking, or because they can teach us something. Still though, there are those rare individuals that I instantly let my guard down around. Are they intellectuals, or feelers? Does it have something to do with archetypes or Myers Briggs tests? IQ's? For awhile I even considered reincarnation and that my soul/consciousness might be connected to the people from a previous life. I still don't entirely discount that as a possibility. In "Many Lives, Many Masters," (Buy it here) Dr. Brian Weiss recounts his experience with a regression-therapy patient who, under hypnosis, recounted events with astounding historical accuracy. The events had happened hundreds of years before her birth, but she recounted each memory with an eerie personal connection. I've thought about people in "calibers," or "distance from enlightenment." For awhile, I classified them as "smarter than me," or "less smart," which was a gross oversimplification. Ultimately, what matters is that there are people out there who can look into our eyes and see us for who we are. They can appreciate our journey thus far, and can journey with us into the future.

I don't have the answer to why I connect to my "soul group", but I'm in a place where I no longer really need the answer. The poem above is one dedicated to the people in our lives who "get it." You can refer to them as "woke," or as "kindred spirits." Whatever synonym we choose to use, the bookmarks below would be a great way to let them know that you respect their intelligence and perspective. You can pass along a link to this blog to show them just how much they mean to you. Life hack: they would also be a relatively cheap and meaningful stocking stuffer. We can arrange a paypal payment and next-day shipping. :)

The price is $3.50 for one, $10.00 for three, or $30.00 for a dozen. The bookmark and tassel colors are customizable, and if this particular poem isn't for you, I've written hundreds and will slowly be including them in future blog-posts. You can order by commenting on this blog, emailing me (here!), or shooting me a Facebook message. Order within the next couple of weeks for delivery before Christmas!

Thanks for yall's support, and feel free to subscribe and share. Much love!

                                                                                              -The Bard

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