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Friday, March 29, 2019

Ah, Spring:

Ah, Spring:
The sun is shining (on occasion, when it decides not to pretend it's still winter).
Folks are venturing once more into the great outdoors (where they can clog our trails and fill our campgrounds with litter).
The grass is growing (and growing grass must always be cut!).
Fresh flowers in bloom (and cars of all colors turn yellow, in permanent need of a wash).
No, but seriously, I'm stoked about spring. The parenthesis are for you "glass have empty" assholes - no judgement, I used to be one and still am on occasion. Everyone else can reread and omit the parenthesis.
SPRING! I'm so EXCITE that I forgot the "d" OMG. I'm gonna camp and fish and kayak and hike and camp camp camp!
We're gonna launch a whole new line of products - "The Campfire" line - which will be the exact same as the old line, except they'll be made on a FRIGGING CAMPFIRE! Campfire candles and melts and balms, oh my!
And campfire food, too!
And I've almost had my beard for a whole year, which is exciting. I started growing it the last time that it was SPRING! 
And it's almost time for our second trip to the Southwest, where we'll be having a wedding ceremony on the Grand Canyon's North rim. And I'll finally get to see the white dress she's been hiding from me, and her chaco'd feet beneath it.
Spring is the time for new life. For fresh starts. For change. If there's something you don't like about your life, SPRING into action (OH GOD I KILL MYSELF SPRING INTO ACTION THAT'S PUNNY HAHA).
Vitamin D and flowery dresses for my sweet three year old child.
Dark beers turn into light ones (which have fewer calories) to be drunk in moderation while singing "Kum Ba Ya".
The blog was in a bit of a hibernation - into the "Work, Sleep, Bills, Occasional-snow-hike-to-stay-focused" rut - but we're back, folks!
Know why?
Because it's
"Ah, Spring."

Here are some links for things you can do this spring if you're unfamiliar: (Hike the Smokies - reach out if you need more specific suggestions.) (Camp at Frozen Head - they have great bathhouses and plenty of trails.) (Rock climbing at Obed.)  (Take your 4x4 to Windrock!)

...and so, so much more.

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